Updating sis chipset driver

A: There is no direct relationship between BIOS update and 3D improvement. A: In general, we do not suggest users to update VGA BIOS without card maker's help. The most often situations that may need BIOS updating are VESA failure, driver compatibility problem (exception occurs)and TV-OUT quality issue.Sometimes, it is possible to get it improved but it is pretty rare. A: If the applied BIOS can not match the character of your VGA card, you would encounter display problem. Therefore, it is suggested to keep one copy of the old BIOS when you plan to do it.Do you have any questions regarding your driver installation? Answer: Please refer to the following requirements, configurations and setup procedures. ASRock keeps updating the latest AMD AGESA code to enhance the high frequency memory capability.We now provide access to a multitude of drivers - easier than ever before. Our new article section - find out all you need to know with these easy to understand and helpful articles...New and improved website layout and graphics focused on improving usability and data accessibility. If so, we would love for you to click the 'like' button above, so that more people can enjoy the plethora of device hardware and driver information available on this website.[Requirements] OS: Windows 10 Receiver / decoder: Onkyo TX-NR 747 or other receiver supporting HDCP 2.2 Player: Pioneer Ultra HD Blu-ray drive BD Disk: Most 3D / 4K BD disk movie Playback Software: Power DVD 14 or later version [Configuration] M/B: Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac BIOS: P2.30 [Setup] 1. Install ME driver ver: (supports Ultra HD Blu-ray). Please keep tracking the latest BIOS update on ASRock official website.When the system boots up, press "F2" to enter UEFI setup screen. Download the driver from the following link: Z270 Gaming-ITXac/index.asp#os W1064 3. Answer: Requirements: O/S: Windows 10 Receiver / decoder: Onkyo TX-NR 747 or other receiver supports HDCP 2.2 Playback Software: Power DVD 14 (from Pioneer Ultra HD Blu-ray Drive) Configuration: M/B: Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac BIOS: P1.20 Setup: 1. Download the driver from the following link: https:// Z270 Gaming-ITXac/3. Please run "Ultra Blu-ray advisor” to see if all "Pass”. Put a 4K movie BD disc into the Pioneer Ultra HD Blu-ray drive. We have tested some memory modules on AM4 platform and users can refer to our suggested module list for choosing the finest ones to pair with your AM4 motherboard.

(2) Take off the BIOS-ROM from Si S6326 VGA card if it is removable and re-programmable.

(Please note that some VGA vendors use one-time programming ROM.

You can not re-program it so need to prepare a new ROM for programming.) (3) Use a ROM-programmer to load in Si S6326 BIOS then program it into the BIOS-ROM prepared in step (2).

This conflict can be handled by simply upgrading the driver, and in many cases by removing the new driver and then re-installing it anew.

Avoiding most of the performance concerns that crop up due to an out of date driver can be performed by obtaining hold of the most upgraded versions as early as you possibly can.

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